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iSafeCare's story started when our founders struggled to buy our dogs a suitable leash. The leashes available in pet shops were either flimsy or way too expensive. Aka, one of our founding feline members, is a masculine Japanese Akita Dog and he broke the leashes as fast as he grew! Eventually, instead of paying extra money for existing leashes, we invested determinedly in raw materials and product design and we decided to make our own leashes! iSafeCare has now grown into a team of over 80 talented professionals all working together with different versatilities. But we all have one thing in common: pride in creating top-quality and beautiful pet products that can be found around the world, and wish to delight pet parents and make furry friends smile.

PURRfection for Products

We emphasize on elegant simplicity of the details, pay great attention to feasible innovations of mass-produced products and appreciate sense of togetherness from pet community. This sense of togetherness and continuity enables iSafeCare to extend the attention to design, materials and honor the bond between humans and animals.


Doggypedia is iSafeCare's just-for-fun initiative to put together all the breed information, feline sciences, funny facts and anecdotes about dogs into one single encyclopaedia! Enjoy your read and we welcome your inputs as well!

Our Genuine Promises
We Focus

We focus on perfecting our products and all of our products are rigorously field tested and we proudly guarantee against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

We Love

We serve you and your canine buddies with love and care. Our Customer Success Team is always here for your inquiries or even chit-chats! We love to make your dog walking more joyful.

We Hear

Your feedbacks and voices of concerns are 24/7 welcome. We treat you as not only our customers, but also our friends and partners to take our products to an even higher level.

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