The Benefits of Retractable Dog Leashes for Small Dogs

The Benefits of Retractable Dog Leashes for Small Dogs

It has been universally acknowledged that smaller-sized canines can really feel daunted by larger-sized ones. We see how hard small dogs think they should work to show us that they can protect us - louder and more frequent barking being one of the symptoms, along with being over-possessive and even moody every time they are approached by stranger dogs or even cats. That being said, as much as we adore them, small pups are destined to live a life that consists of a particular doze of jealousy. And we should never blame them since the reason why small dogs have come into being is humans’ exclusive desire to have fluffy friends that can easily fit in the pocket.

Given the undeniable fact that smaller dogs inherently tend to feel subordinate to larger dogs in multiple different ways, it is only fair to think about ways in which their smaller size can be transformed an advantage. And here is the part where retractable dog leashes can come in quite handy and comfy. Retractable dog leashes were invented to grant dogs more freedom, or make dog walking an easier daily task. But every owner of a medium sized or large dog has found them difficult to work with. When it comes to large dogs, these leashes are risky since the canine buddies can even be able to pull fiercely enough to damage or even tear the leash apart.

Small-sized pups, on the other hand, do not have the weight nor strength required to cause damages to retractable leashes. This is exactly why their sizes can provide them with more flexibility during walks as you can adjust the retractable leashes in a way that your dogs can feel much more freedom of movement, as if there were no leash at all. Smaller dogs are less intimidating to people in general, so you can get away with letting your dog sniff around without it having to be too close to you.

You can likewise get away with walking less, while exercising your doggo more. While it runs around in a more flexible manner, your dog will get tired more quickly compared to not using a retractable leash. Many of us do not have sufficient time to go to the dog park as often as needed and some people may not be able to endure long walks. Therefore, for the sake of saving time without having to compromise your dog’s needs, do not hesitate to invest in retractable dog leashes!

Quick Tips for Using a Retractable Leash

  • If a retractable leash becomes sluggish or signals fraying, the winding mechanism may be off-balance and fail to rewind properly. Replace the leash in this situation.
  • If the cord or ribbon becomes wet, leave it open (not retracted) until it is dry to prevent mildew and decay.
  • Avoid wearing shorts or clothing that leave parts of your leg exposed to avoid any injuries if the leash touches your skin and the dog lunges unexpectedly.
  • Pay attention to your dog at all times. Don't talk on a cell phone or be otherwise distracted. This is true of all leashes but especially with retractable dog leashes as your dog is relatively farther away.

For a more detailed instruction on how to responsibly and effectively use a retractable dog leash, please browse through the guidelines compiled by our iSafeCare team. Hope it helps!


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